Fake Spiritual Healers:

Have you come across “Spiritual Healers” who can “magically” make things happen?   Like dates, sugar, sweets, flowers, fruits to name a few things fall from heights?  This is nothing but a trick and an illusion OR even worse, some “healers” who take the help of “Evil Spirits”, to convince people and gain their confidence.  This is “Sh’irk” (idolatry or polytheism).

Be careful if you are advised by these "Spiritual Healers" to dig a particular place in your house or place of business to either find amulets or bury them, this involves "Spirits" and "Negative Energies" that can only backfire.

For additional information refer to Black Magic and Mystery of "Shadow of Jinn" by Janab Mohammed Nadeem. (“ebook on sale soon”  - for more details Contact +91 9008193666)