"If you are reading my testimonial then there is no doubt that you are genuinely looking for the most “proper” (what is not forbidden) and “acceptable” (what is permissible) solution that may be available to humanity.  No amount of education, logic or intelligence could explain why my family was facing so many problems that anyone would basically put down to “life”.  “Life” is beautiful, meant to be lived happily where problems do not make up life, but where peace of mind, laughter, hope and a happy family do.  Not all of us are strong enough to overcome the trials that life puts us through and at times we need a genuine helping hand to make it happen and take us to a level where we can actually be strong enough to face life with a fresh start and outlook.

I approached Janab Mohammed Nadeem for help with our property issues, but the “Gift” I received from The Almighty through the healing process was peace of mind, a return to my faith and religion, a happy husband, peace at home, an inner energy to live life to the fullest – meaningfully and definitely the property issue is well on its way to being resolved successfully. (Alhamdullilah)

Here there are no half solutions, if you are blessed, you will be Guided by The Almighty to get help right here!"
A Business Consultant; Aged 43

"It has been two weeks since I went through the healing process under the guidance of Janab Mohammed Nadeem for the removal of negativity from my body which was effecting me in many ways. It took me few days to feel the difference and I observed that I feel a good change in me i.e., my earlier self is back, the way I used to be and think. I am calm from inside and less irritable, which has led to a more peaceful relationship with my family. I feel very light in my heart and ready to accept all things good and positive. Since I am not wasting time on unwanted thoughts, I have more time in hand to do much more creative things. All my body aches have got healed since my "Spiritual Healing" and I feel more active and rejuvenated. My complexion has come back to normal and is glowing. I feel confident. To retain this "state of being", observe the emotions (positive and negative) and have control over them; I am learning to think before reacting, which suprisingly I find easy to do!"
B.E. in Information Science and Engineering; Aged 27

"I remember staying up late at night wondering why I did things I knew that I did not want to do? I was sure in my mind that I had decided to do otherwise, but there I was, alone in my bed, awake yet again, wondering why I wasn’t strong enough to keep to the decision made in the morning by myself. I remember feeling angry & upset with small things that happen during the day, negative moments constantly being played back in my head. Trying to desperately fit in but failing time and time again. Suffocation – wondering when I could break free. But break free from what & to do what instead I had absolutely no idea! Something wasn’t right and I just couldn’t put a finger on it!

When I heard about Nadeem Saheb, I was very skeptical. Can a person living half way across the world really help over the phone? I had stopped myself from “feeling” anything personal 7 years ago and wasn’t sure if I could still open that part of me to a complete stranger. But I wanted a change. I wanted to lead a different life. I wanted to be strong enough to say “no” and to believe in God and have faith on not just myself but on life! I wanted to protect myself.

In my case, a trip to India was necessary. I suppose my “logical” mind wasn’t letting me feel enough. The cleansing took place over the afternoon. After the procedure was over, I felt the same but still very different. It’s hard to explain – I saw a face in the mirror that did not have the dark circles under the eyes, I saw eyes that were whiter and clearer, I saw a younger me, a calmer me. I hadn’t slept properly for the past 48 hours so I was surprised to see this “fresh” look in front of the mirror.

I landed back in Singapore soon after the session. Showered and got back to work as usual, still no proper sleep.  But it wasn’t the old me anymore. This was a new calmer me, a stronger me, a “me” who would stick to the decisions she made in the morning and see them through till night; Who seemed to have finally learnt how to protect herself; Who finally reconnected with God (Allah) and started to have faith in Him again; Who had no constant repetitive negative thoughts but instead, had "white noise" and was finally at peace with the lifestyle she chose to lead; Who enjoys the time she spends with family and no longer wants to run away to nowhere.

I can’t say I’m in this state of “ecstasy” ever since. I have had my moods. I have been upset. I have felt lazy occasionally. I have had a couple of negative thoughts. I have been stressed about work. But it’s never the same. I am in charge of my emotions. I might be upset about something but once it’s resolved or once I’m able to analyze what the root cause is, I am able to let go of it and move on and look forward to living life and to experience new things!

I can’t thank Nadeem Saheb enough for helping me by showing me the way to find this inner peace I have come to love and enjoy! It feels good to feel & hope again!"

Banking Industry; Aged 24