1. What is the methodology that you use to help heal people?

The only true cure/healing comes from within the boundaries of the Shariat and Islam. The healing is based on the teachings of the Quran and Prophet Mohammed. "Amulets" or "Lemons" are NEVER used. Only The Almighty Is Invoked.

2. What are the kinds of problems most people approach you for?

Usually most people feel that there are situations that they are not able to find solutions to, no matter how hard they try! Some of the most common problems faced by many are the frivolous misunderstandings with one's loved one which turn into major issues; Extra-marital affairs; Perpetual problems/misunderstanding at the work place for no reason; Finding it difficult to arrange a match for one's child; Constant health issues; violent behaviour; partners backstabbing each other to name a few. No matter how hard they try "circumstances" are such that there seem to be no real solutions and small matters turn into huge issues leading to misunderstanding, loss of peace and hardships. They have tried all other "healers" and "methods" to achieve peace of mind and have not been successful. Top of Page

3. How long does the "healing" session take?

Any healing session that I take a person through takes between 2 to 3 hours depending on each case. Top of Page

4. Can you really help change destinies?

YES!! With strong faith, belief and special prayers as mentioned in the Holy Quran and as taught by The Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) destiny can be changed. Top of Page

5. Can you help us achieve our needs with Black Magic or Witchcraft?

The "healing" that I am capable of doing is a "Blessing" and a "Gift" From Allah. I am committed to only using this Gift to heal the resulting pain and trauma caused by Black Magic and Witchcraft. It is important to understand that Black Magic and Witchcraft are "Haraam" which means legally forbidden by Islamic law for any person to perform or get involved with. It is important for us to know that any person who does get involved with such activities has ignored the message of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) and the Teachings of the Holy Book. Top of Page

6. Do we need to be followers of Islam for your "healing" to be more effective?

According to the Hadees there are over 180000 Prophets who have been sent down to the earth; they were sent down for a nation, for spreading specific religions, to guide people within certain boundaries or region, but Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him); was sent to help "Humanity" – the whole world. Even when Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) was alive he was approached by people from different religions for help and he never turned them away.
I am a true follower of Islam and the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) which is meant for EVERYONE therefore there is nothing stopping a person from any religious background to seek and receive help from the teachings of the Quran and the Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) and the "Gift" that I have been blessed with. The healing is for ALL or anyone who would want it. Top of Page

7. Can you solve our problems?

Problems are divided into four sections Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. If the problem requires help with Spiritual Healing, I can guarantee one hundred per cent cure and healing. Other issues based on Physical, Emotional and Mental factors can definitely be reduced and even got rid off with specific prayers. Top of Page

8. Have you really been able to help heal people without meeting them?

100%. By The Grace The Almighty, I have been able to successfully help people without meeting them in person. I have "patients" from Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, South Africa, Bangladesh , Singapore, and believe it or not have done performed a spiritual healing while a person has been on the "Star Cruise" (In the middle of the Sea).Top of Page

9. Can we get in touch with some of your "patients" for a feedback?

Definitely, please do not hesitate to write in to us at info@islamicspiritualhealing.com. The names along with the contact information will be sent to you. Please also take a look at our Testimonial page. These testimonials are real and we can put you in touch with so many more who, can vouch for the authenticity of the "Islamic Spiritual Healing" done by me.Top of Page

10. How long does the effect of the "healing" last?

The healing is based on the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him). It is the ONLY TRUE Spiritual Healing for ALL Humanity no matter what their religious background, caste, colour or creed. Therefore, the effect is FOREVER. Top of Page

11. What does the book "Understanding Black Magic and the Shadow of Jinn" deal with?"

Eight years of research has been done by me based on the Holy Quran and the Teachings of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him). The book helps the reader to get a clear understanding about Black Magic, Jinns and the effect that they have on us. The Urdu Version "Kaala Jaadu Aur Akse Jinn" which was released on March 6th 2011 in the presence of prominent representatives from the Hindu Community Advisory Committee, Karnataka State Human Rights Commission, Indian Catholic Press Association and Muslim Organisations . The book has also received praise from the Respected Maulana Waheedudin Khan Oomri Madni. Presently the English Version of the book is being edited. For more detailed information about the book, please feel free to write in to us at info@islamicspiritualhealing.com Top of Page

12. How much would it cost us to go through this healing process through you?

Islam forbids us from earning wealth by unlawful means. Islam regards the earning of livelihood by rightful means as an obligation and a blessing of The Almighty. The Holy Quran says: "Devour not each others' wealth by unlawful means" (Chapter 4, Verse 29) and the Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) said "One who earns livelihood (by sweat of brow) is Allah's beloved."
There is no fixed rate or price that can be quoted. In fact I will not even be able to quote a price unless I have had the opportunity to communicate with the person who needs help with "Spiritual Healing". Even after speaking to a person, I have to take the time to analyze, understand the situation and only when I am convinced that I can offer with The Almighty's Help offer a complete cure; it is only then that I quote a fee. Top of Page

13. Apart from "Spiritual Healing based on the teachings of Islam" what are the other activities that you are involved with?

It is unfortunate that women and children are still being subjected to superstitious atrocities in economically backward states of India, one of my main undertakings is to help them.
I am also in the process of organising an Islamic Spiritual Healing Campus for Humanity (Not just for the followers of Islam)
It is my mission to open a modern high tech "Islamic School of Thought" which will deal with Research and Understanding of all aspects of life.
I am committed to working for the betterment of Humanity and helping people understand Islam as a pure and gentle way of life for all.Top of Page

If you would like to be a part of this mission, please do drop an email to: nadeem@ismalicspiritualhealing.com