Genuine Spiritual Healers:

A genuine spiritual healer is God-fearing and is not involved in writing Amulets (Ta' weez). Many Muslims wear Amulets (Ta'weez) as a healing charm to ward off evil spirits, black magic spells and illnesses and believe that this practice is acceptable; this is a very big misconception and is not permissible in Islam. A spiritual healer should be of strong faith and must never take the help of "Spirits" to cure a person. A true Spiritual Healer only invokes The Almighty to cure "Black Magic" or to drive away the "Jinn or Spirits".

Differentiate between a Genuine Spiritual Healer and a Fake Spiritual Healer.

For additional information refer to Black Magic and Mystery of "Shadow of Jinn" by Janab Mohammed Nadeem. (“ebook on sale soon”  - for more details Contact +91 9008193666)

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